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SHINee is awesome and this noona loves them to pieces and wishes them well in Japan… but okay I am obsessed with One Piece, like probably the rest of Japan.  I dream of manga chapters and anime episodes!  I count down the days I can go back to Japan and visit one of those stores devoted to selling One Piece merchandise (and now that I actually work, I can buy stuff!  Yeah!)!  I prowl ebay for deals on Colorwalks and figurines!  Luffy is my biggest love next to Yunho!!  (I’m serious, it is that bad, and I will beat down Boa Hancock.)   LOL but yeah you get the picture.  I started reading it based on the recommendations of some of the commenters of this blog actually (THANK YOU!!!) and now I would highly recommend it to anyone else.

So the life size Luffy and the hugeass Thousand Sunny make me really happy :’).  So jealous of Key.

Manga is such a good way to learn Japanese!  I think other kpop artists are also fans of One Piece — off the top of my head, I can think of DBSK (their song “Share The World” is imo one of the best OP songs for One Piece) and Hyunjoong (he wore Chopper’s hat in that one episode of BOF!), but I am sure there are more.

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SHINee ‘Replay’ (Japanese) MV

{credit: @ youtube}

OMG you know if they couldn’t debut in Japan with a brand new song, this is the next best thing: the Japanese version of what I still think is their very best song.  It admittedly does lack the punch of the original (the original was one of my favorite songs of 2008 though) but it still sounds really good!  They sound really good!  And this MV is pure NOSTALGIAAAAAAAA!!!  They were so little and young in the Korean MV but now they all look so grown up and handsome.   I like Jonghyun’s scene the most cause that’ is totally something he would do, haha.

And as much as I would have loved to see Victoria in this for continuity sake idk, this is the next best thing: YOONA NOONA!  There was a time long ago where I used to complain that she was in every SM MV but now I love her and she’s beautiful in this MV.  I like how she looks in glasses.

Anyway, I really, really hope they can do well in Japan!  SHINEE FIGHTING! 

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Happy Valentine’s Day ♥


Hope everyone had a good one with lots of love, chocolate, flowers, or whatever.  (I got new Lego sets lmao.)  Anyway, it was a bitch to find them in my folders, but I have a lot of these heart pictures ♥~

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Happy Together (2/10)


It’s hard enough to not make an inordinate amount of caps of Homin, but two other groups I like were also on this show!!  SHINee’s Onew and f(x)’s Luna, Sulli, and Krystal!  (I wish Victoria were on the show too because I know she’s close to Changmin!) And they were all adorable omg.  Very cute episode.

In this: Onew shows his wit and makes the MCs jealous, f(x) talk about their impressions or awkward interactions with DBSK and each other, Changmin is, looks, and gets praised for being very cool, and everyone trolls Yunho.  lmao I almost feel bad for the guy!  Almost.  But not really cause I purposely made a bunch of caps of him looking derpy.  Keep up, Jung!

Here is your zip file :).

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