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KDrama OSTs Part 1

Biggest time sink ever but I can’t stop watching  T____T.

Here are some kdrama songs I really enjoy — I am, of course, biased to certain artists and if I’ve actually seen the drama (this isn’t always true though).  I will upload a big zip at the end, but please bear with me for a bit.  Tell me what songs you think I’m missing!  Music recommendations are always, ALWAYS welcome!  (I said kdrama, but I have some kmovie songs in here too kekekeke.)   Just fyi: I love really epic sounding kdrama songs (like the kinds you hear from historical dramas) and ballads so there are a lot of those, more so than anything else.  I also love instrumentals :D.

This is really long already and I’m not even half way done!  Be back later with a part 2 ^^.

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SBS Gayo Daejun 2008 – Pics + Videos

{credit: 훠우훠우 @ DNBN} HEHEHEHE lol I think this is pretty hot, but I also can’t stop laughing XDD.  ESPECIALLY at Changmin’s expression when he’s undoing his jacket button.  Like really, LMAO.  LMFAO.

I did all my spazzing in the other post, so here are just some links to all the good stuff.   Plus some random spazzing, I can’t help it XD.  Be back with more links (still looking for the Jewelry/BEG/KARA sexy stage, SG Wannabe, and a few more) and pictures ^^.

EDIT: Ah and thanks to zoolooney for the heads up: the youtube user wkfskstmdgh has uploaded the full show ♥!  I am too lazy to list out all the links, but here’s part 1 and part 2 of the show; you can find the rest easily ^^.

2 AM + 2PM Intro.

2AM – This Song.

2PM – 10 Points Out Of 10 Points.  I visited the 2PM thread in soompi for the first time ever today and someone put up a bunch of pics of Junho waving his hands in the hair and fanboying different artists, including Bi, SJ-Happy, DBSK.  Hahahah, what a cutie ♥.  In the embedded pic of DBSK stripping at the end of ‘Mirotic’, that guy holding up his hands (in the silver jacket) is Junho, apparently.  XDDD.  I love fanboys.

SHINee – Love Like Oyxgen, AMIGO, Noona Is Very Pretty.

Davichi + Taeyeon + Sunye – Stand Up For Love.

Daesung – Look At Me Gwi Soon.  GD looked like he was gonna fall out of his chair laughing XDDD.  Worth watching for just that, but Daesung was awesome too!

KARA – Pretty Girl.

Brown Eyed Girls – L.O.V.E + My Style.

Jewelry – One More Time.

F.T Island – After Love + Girls Don’t Know + Heaven.

Son Dam Bi – 미쳤어.

Mini-Drama feat. Daesung, Seungri, Taeyeon, Yuri.

Piano Battle – Taeyang (Don’t Wanna Try) + Junsu (My Everything).   I love Taeyang and Junsu in any and everything they do, but I … don’t think I have never seen them look more charismatic than they do here.  SLDFJKDSLWLEIFJDSKLj;lSDJFSljdklj ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.  (Also, thanks to swtsrwlove for uploading the mp3 rip of Junsu’s performance here!)  More pics: Junsu (1,2,3,4,5)

Dance Battle – Taemin + Seungri + Eunhyuk + Jaebum + Yunho.  PHWOARRRRRRRR.  Looking for Taemin and Jaebum; will be back. More pics: Yunho (1,2)

Wonder Boys 2 – Kissing You & Nobody.  Almost as priceless as the performance itself is the reaction of the audience to said performance :D.

SuJu Happy – Pajama Party.  ^__________^

Epik High + Big Bang (G-Dragon, TOP) + Eun Ji Won + Dynamic Duo – Hip Hop Special Stage.   One of the best special stages all night.  Really, really loved this one, how everyone got up out of their seats and started dancing along.  And that one comment on youtube about SHINee’s Jonghyun makes me smile: “Who was the guy in the pit (silver jacket) who stood up right after Taeyang?  He got his whole posse to stand!”  HAHAHAHA JONGHYUN ILUSM ♥.

Wonder Girls – Princess Intro + Nobody.  They had the best performance outfits out of anyone appearing at the Gayo Daejun imo.  LOOOVE those cropped jackets.  And I can’t stop replaying the part where Sunye marches toward the front at 2:46!!  She’s so sexy ♥!

Seo Taiji – Human Dream.  Don’t you dare skip over this one XD.   One of my most favorite parts of the whole show. Guh I love this song ♥♥♥.

Big Bang – Intro + 오.아.오 + Strong Baby (Seungri) + Heaven.

Rain – I’m Coming + Rainism + Love Story.

DBSK – Wrong Number + Mirotic.   jjang ♥♥♥♥♥.  Oh yeah, and YAY for them singing ‘Under my skin~!”  Pics: Yoochun (1,2,3,4), Changmin (1,2,3), Junsu (1,2), Yunho (1,2), Jaejoong (1,2), group (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

BoA – Eat You Up + Look Who’s Talking.  Watching this in HQ makes me kind of cry ;__; ♥.  It’s really good to see her back on shows like these :)!


Other pictures I can’t work into the rest of the post:
DONG BANG JUNIOR.  Yunho hugging Eeteuk and BEAMING at Eunhyuk XDD.  Really, really cute picture ^^.  I wonder Eunhyuk is doing exactly to make Yunho LOL like that.  Precious ♥.  (They were both SO GOOD in the dance battle~!!)

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SBS Gayo Daejun (12/29)

SHOW IS STARTING :D!  (Will continue editing this as the show goes on~)

Chun Hee, Ye Jin, and Daesung are hosting ♥~. I think Chun Hee just told Ye Jin that she was sexy, lol.  She totally is, omg, and she looks super amazing in that dress!   Chun Hee looks pretty nervous XD.   Hyori was supposed to be the third MC, but she’s in the hospital with pneumonia and exhaustion ;__;.  She’s missing out on all the end-year gayos, unfortunately, but I hope she gets well soon ♥.  Daesung’s the replacement MC, keeping the whole thing still a Family Outing affair :DDD.  (I SEE EETEUK IN THE AUDIENCE; he’s sitting next to Kim Jong Kook :D!)

SUPER ROOKIE STAGE!   2AM + 2PM out first, fighting each other with … lightsabers?  LOL.  DUDE THEY HAVE GROWN SO MUCH ON ME IN LIKE THE PAST TWO DAYS.  I almost have everyone’s names down!  Almost!  Give me until the end of this show and I’ll have them down :).  2AM performing now … ugh sorry I don’t know what song this is ^^;;.  Now 2PM … performing ’10 Points Out Of 10 Points’.  Damn this song is catchyyyy.

SHINee performing an abbreviated version of ‘Love Like Oxygen’ alsdjfklajskdl hot as ever … now a dance break (TAEMIN T____T ♥♥♥) into AMIGO.  Jonghyun’s voice sounds really strong.  Wow, why are all of these so short?!  ;__;  They’re doing ‘Noona Is Very Pretty’ right now … we’re working on an end year music post right now, but this one is totally one of my favorite songs all year ♥.  And the pretty noona of this performance is none other than Ye Jin!!!!  She came out in a pretty light blue strapless dress ♥.  Wonderful performance by the boys; wish it could have been a bit longer though!  But we do have the Taemin dance battle and Wonder Boys 2 to look forward to ♥!!

WOW WTF IS HAPPENING TO THE STREAM!!!  >:(  I caught a bit of Davichi and Taeyeon singing, but then it cut to Daesung and Chun Hee MC-ing in the middle…?  LOL IDK.

Trot singers taking the stage now!  :)  I don’t know who any of them are, unfortunately, except for Tae Jin Ah ^^;;.  Lots of people in the audience standing up now~  Bi and Kim Jong Kook :D.  And hehehehe I see Epik High ♥.  LMAO they just shouted out artists’ names during the song: BIG BANG!!  BI!! SG WANNABE!!  DONG BANG SHIN KI!  Jiyong is super cute when he’s embarrassed ♥♥♥.  HAHAH they’re singing ‘Look At Me, Gwi Soon’ now … Daesung has joined them for the second verse :D.  LMAO G-DRAGON IS LOL-ING HARDCORE IN HIS SEAT.  LMAO LMAO LMAO OH I JUST LOVE HIM.  Seungri is doing the eye hand motions XD.

OOH NEW SPECIAL STAGE.  “Sexy“, feat. Jewelry, BEG, and KARA.  Chun Hee introducing them (GOOD LORD HE LOOKS SOOOO DORKY :DDDDDDDDDD!!).  KARA is out first, in little black dresses and bunny ears, performing ‘Pretty Girl’.  This is a significantly better song than ‘Rock U’ (tbh I can only stand that song when Epik High does their screamo version XD) and the girls look cute :).  Brown Eyed Girls are now performing ‘L.O.V.E’ ajksldfdksl ♥.  I don’t know their names other than Ga-In, but I will learn these too…!  I LOVE THEIR RAPPER!!  Going into ‘My Style’ right now … better view of their outfits now :D.  The girls look really good ♥.  And finally, Jewelry!!  Performing a funky version of  their hit ‘One More Time’.  Oooh they have poles XD.  Gotta admit they’re the sexiest group of the the three groups performing in this special stage.  They’re wearing black skintight outfits and ummmmmmmmmm Jung Ah and In Young just held each other –> WOW THAT WAS HOT :DDDD.  I think I preferred the rock remix they did at MKMF, but lol they look like they’re having a lot of fun onstage.  THERE IS LIKE A TOWN ON STAGE OMG SO MANY PEOPLE.  The stage ended with a dance battle between all three groups, which was really kind of messy ^^;;.  But they do look like they’re having fun ♥.

Chunhee and Daesung are interviewing different artists in the audience … they seem pretty intimidated by Bi, lol.  Especially Chunhee XD.  They interview a very polite and smiling G-Dragon next, who keeps bowing at them ^^.  And then Kim Jong Kook, who kind of shoos them away~.

F.T ISLAND TAKING THE STAGE NEXT.  Performing ‘After Love’ and ‘Heaven’.  WHOA EYELINER.  WHOA HAIR.   WHOA EARRINGS!  LOL.   HongKi’s voice sounds a bit strained, imo ;___;.  And that performance was way too short, omg.  That was like less than a minute.

Son Dam Bi performing her hit in a gold minidress now.  She’s so sexy.  Her legs are endless ~ I hear she’s gonna be part of a five-member group starting next year, which really makes no sense  to me as she’s doing great as a solo artist right now, hmmm.  Ooh okay, so that group just came out … they’re called ‘After School’ and they’re performing ‘PlayGirlz’.  LOL.  Okay I admit the rapping was pretty hot, though.  Hmmm, now I’m kind of curious about this :D.

Mini-drama time with Seungri, Daesung, Yuri, and Taeyeon.  I think Seungri and Daesung fight over Taeyeon while Yuri is a bit of a third wheel, lol.  I liked Taeyeon’s entry, though!  Nice use of Hyori’s ‘U-Go-Girl’.   Actually the way they incorporate all the big songs of the year is pretty genius.  Need to at least download this cut later!!!  2PM BOYS FEEDING EACH OTHERRRRRR.  10 POINTS OUT OF 10 POINTS ♥.   Daesung and Seungri are both making cakes for Taeyeon and she … runs off with someone else.  Leaving Daesung and Seungri to bond and THEY ARE HOLDING EACH OTHER’S FACES RIGHT NOW HOMG HARU HARU HOMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG WHAT IS THIS?!   CRACKKK ♥.

DBSK – BIG BANG STAGE NEXT.  ‘STAR WARS’!!!!  DUDE THIS IS GONNA BE ALL IN CAPS.  TAEYANG AND JUNSU PIANO BATTLE.  OHHHHHHHHHHH.  Taeyang’s singing ‘Don’t Wanna’ now … he looks pretty nervous, but he does sound great and he’s playing well ♥.   He ends with a big smile.  WHO DOESN’T LOVE TAEYANG.  What an adorable guy!  JUNSU SINGING ‘MY EVERYTHING’ NOW OMGGGGGGG.  SHIT THIS IS EPIC.  Junsu looks sooooo handsome, singing and playing with his eyes closed ♥♥♥♥♥!  It’s like watching him sing with so much passion, but even better cause he’s also playing the piano alsdjfkls.  HOTTTTT.

DANCE BATTLE!!!!  Taemin in a fedora and gold pants, looking very grown up.  Seungri next, smooth as ever.  Eunhyuk in a silver body suit and a silver mask.  Jaybum, yum!  HOLY SHIT I KNOW I AM SO FREAKING BIASED BUT YUNHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOooooooOOOOOoo.  SO YUM YUM.  Love the all black suit and the necklace.  Wonder if that hat was supposed to fall off his head like that, but still I LOVE YOU MORE THAN AIR, YUNHO.  LOVE.  That was a really hot performance ♥.

WONDER BOYS 2!!  DOING ‘KISSING YOU’ HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA.  I can’t believe Seungri and Taemin who were just in that hot manly dance battle are in this too XDD.  The Wonder Girls look so stoked to be seeing this, especially Ye Eun who is going through the motions of the dance ♥.  Now doing ‘Nobody’ … IS ANYONE ELSE LOL-ING TO DEATH OVER SUNGMIN’S HAIR?  Or how about how INTO the song Jokwon looks XD.  CRIES AT THE EYEROLL CRYING XDDDD.  Taemin just did Sohee’s part and the camera cut to her giggling.  SO CUUUUTE!!

A break :D!  Time to get snacks and something to drink ^^.

2nd part of the show is starting~ the MCs have new outfits.  I love Ye Jin’s dress, although with her frame, she looks good in everything ♥.  SUPER JUNIOR HAPPY OUT NEXT, SHINDONG WITH WAY DIFFERENT HAIR THAN FROM THE WONDER BOYS 2 PERFORMANCE.  WHICH ONE IS THE WIG, YOU GUYS XD.  Gotta love Shindong ♥♥♥.  All of Supy performing ‘Pajama Party’ now in black suits with red shirts ♥.  WHEN WAS THERE A PELVIC THRUST IN THIS SONG?!  SOMEHOW IT FEELS CONFLICTING @#*$(@)?!  XDDD.  Or when did just start throwing in dance moves from “U”??  OH MY GOD THIS IS GREAT ♥.  Nice shot of the KARA girls clapping along and appreciating :)!

SG Wannabe performing ‘La La La’ now!  I see four people on stage though!  Is that Dongha singing with them?  Or did they recently get a new member that I just don’t know about???  O__O?  Ooh thank you to boshi2noi for clarifying: the fourth guy was Kim Jong Wook!  I don’t think he got a single close up, though :(.  But I did love him in that song he did with SG Wannabe for the East of Eden soundtrack :D.

HIP HOP STAGE !!!  Eun Ji Won, Epik High, and BEG performing ‘Where Is The Love?’  I LOVE THIS SO HARD ♥.  Ga In is basically singing all the Fergie (wait, do I have the right group??) parts and it’s a bit Engrishy, but she still sounds super good.  Love her, love BEG ♥.   Darn, the video is lagging … um okay TOP is rapping now ♥.  ‘The Movement’, I think?  Love the orange glasses!  Now G-Dragon is rapping!  And Dynamic Duo!!!  LMAO!!  OH I LOVE THIS!  Taeyang just got out of his seat to bounce along to the music and EVERYONE BEHIND HIM JUST STOOD UP TOO SLDJFKLDS!  GO TAEYANG!  GO TAEYANGGGGGGG ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥.  ALSO LAUGHING SO HARD AT ONEW DANCING LIKE AN OLD MAN BEHIND TAEYANG, HAHAHAHAHAHA.  Jonghyun seems really into it :D.  Oooh now Jewelry dancing along too.  GREAT SPECIAL STAGE ♥♥♥♥♥.  One of the best ones so far, I think :)

Handsome Kim Jong Kook performing ‘Han Namja‘ now ♥.  DAMN DON’T FAIL ON ME NOW, TVANTS!  NO!!!!   LOL WOW TURBOOOOO.  Memories T___T.  Ugh crap, it’s over.

OOH WONDER GIRLS!!  LOVE THIS ♥.  LOVE THE OUTFITS!  They’re straight out of Marie Antoinette, with the curls and dresses and fans.  Aaaaaaaand okay that was the fastest outfit change ever, but these new outfits are just as cute!!  Cropped jackets, shorts, knee high boots, and cute riding hats.  Oooh neat version of ‘Nobody’ too~!  LMAO HOW MANY DIFFERENT WAYS CAN THIS SONG BE REMIXED ♥!  Sunye looks fierce as helllllll.   Seriously, these girls really know how to put on a good show.  I don’t keep up with their fandom at all, but I do download all of their performances on big shows like these ♥.  They’re always super entertaining to watch and this was no exception ♥♥♥♥♥.

SEO TAIJI SPECIAL STAGE!!  Performing ‘Human Dream’ right now … this isn’t at the Gayo — prerecorded somewhere on a street, I dunno where.  OHHHH I NEED TO DOWNLOAD THIS CUT TOO.  I think I’m gonna end up downloading the entire show at this rate lol.  Such a cute rock song and I love the presentation of it, with the pink stage and the … Power Ranger-ish looking backdancers.  OH AND THE FANS ARE SO CUTE WITH THEIR PINK GLOVES AND COORDINATED HAND MOVEMENTS!!!!!!!!!   The fans look so HAPPY ♥♥♥♥♥.  Mark of a great performer ♥.

Big Bang’s Shocking stage.   NICE OPENING VIDEO … they look super badass and … um, hop into this SWAT-like van that says BIG BANG on the side :D.  Nice performance of ‘오, 아, 오’ … oooh SEUNGRI SOLO!  ‘STRONG BABY’!!!  This is probably my favorite song on their newest album.  Mmmm, Seungri.  Yum ♥.   He looks great with those female dancers too :D.  He was absolutely solid in that performance; savvy well beyond his years :).  ‘Heaven’ was great, too!  They’re doing an interview with ChunHee and YeJin … Seungri talks about his solo performance ^^.   And TOP thanks their fans.

Rain’s special stage, Scandal!  I would have loved to see him do that planned stage with Hyori, but his solo stages are always great to watch cause he’s an amazing dancer.  He does ‘I’m Coming’ (lmao that song title will never stop bring the lulz, big time!) first, which was hot hot hot.  And now ‘Rainism’, which has grown to be IRRESISTABLY CATCHY to my ears XDDD.  *blames tacti again*  LIKE, HOW CAN YOU DENY THE CATCHINESS OF “I’M GONNA BE A BAT BAT BOY?”   YOU CAN’T REALLY.  (LOL they just cut to Eeteuk and Shindong singing to each other “Make some noise~~!” while Jonghyun spazzes with laughter in the background XD.)   That move where he slides his hand down his abs is HOT.  He ends his special stage with ‘Love Story’ :).

FINALLY DONG BANG SHIN KI ♥♥♥♥♥.  ‘WRONG NUMBER’!!  JUNSU IN A TRIANGLE, BEING EMO.  GOD DOES HE EVEN KNOW HOW CRAZY HE DRIVES THE FANGIRLS WHEN HE BITES HIS LOWER LIP LIKE THAT SLDJFKSDL.  YOOCHUN RISING FROM BELOW THE STAGE TO SING HIS LINE.  AND CHANGMIN COMING OUT TOO ♥.  First verse was just with the three of them; Yunho and Jaejoong make their own big entrances.  THANK GOODNESS THEY AREN’T WEARING PLAID.  LIKE REALLY, THANK YOU.  THANK YOU, STYLISTS ♥.  I LOVE JAE’S JACKET IN PARTICULAR.   OKAY ‘MIROTIC’ NOW!!!  ROCK VERSION!  Same as what they performed at MKMF.  LOL THEY DID THE RAP BEFORE THEY START THE ACTUAL SONG??  :DD  They’re singing and dancing very well ♥.  Well slightly out of breath, but the energy level is like at 100000000000000.  And now a dance break instead of the rap!!  NICE.  OF COURSE CHANGMIN NAILS THE SCREAM.  AND OMFG WHAT WAS UP WITH THE ENDING!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG LAUGHING SO HARD!  It’s like they all rush to unbutton their shirts at the very last notes and then pull it off to show off their backs LMAO LAUGHING REALLY HARD ALMOST CRYING ♥.  Oh, DBSK ♥.  Awww this is like the last time we’ll see them on a Korean music show for quite a while, but at least they went out with a bang ♥.  LOVE THESE GUYS ♥.

BOA NEXT!!!!!!!!   She looks great ♥!  Beautiful; I just love her hair!   Performing ‘Eat You Up’ now, which was awesome :D.  She sang over a backing track, I think, but her voice sounds really strong.  And the dancing is at a 11/10, as usual.  OOH OKAY NEW SONG ‘LOOK WHO’S TALKING’.  It’s … pretty catchy, actually!  I love the part where she sings something like, “Damn right it’s all about me.”  :DDD  I, um, just don’t like those weird … fart noises during the song.  *dies* Does anyone hear what I’m talking about?  I really enjoy the dance choreography, though!

Show’s over T__T!  And it’s 6:00 in the morning and I have to go to bed now, but will be back tomorrow later today with the pic/videos post :).

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SBS Gayo Daejun Lineup

(Bigger version here.  Thank you to Tuhina and grizzlybeary for the heads up!)

HOLY EXCITEMENT :D!  I’m looking at all the artists in this pic and practically having a fit, lol.  OMG!  It should be a really good show.  It will be aired December 29th, 9:55 P.M. (Korean time).   (To figure out what time the show will be on in your time zone, use this nifty Time Zone converter!)  That is an ungodly hour for me so I probably won’t be watching the stream, but fangirls are fast and especially when it comes to a big show like this!  A lot of things to look forward to:

1. DBSK + Big Bang special stage (thanks to farahmicky for uploading and to grizzlybeary for the link!).  HELIODUS CALLED THIS ONE LIKE HALF A YEAR AGO XD.  LSDJFKLDS SHOULD BE AMAZING!!   I wonder what kind of special stage they’ll be doing … singing each other’s songs?  Whatever it is, I’m totally looking forward to it.

2. Junsu + Taeyang piano battle.  I knew Taeyang could play the piano well, but I didn’t know Junsu could too…!  *feels like a bad fan XD*   Someone on soompi was saying that Junsu was one of the best pianists in SM, which is really kinda alsjdkfljklasdj WHY HAS HE NEVER SHOWED THIS OFF?!  Really can’t wait to see the both of them play.  Also just the fact that it’s a freaking PIANO BATTLE is exciting, lol.  Those are exciting!!  It’s almost like watching a major sporting event for me XDD;;.  (I really like that one Jay Chou did with that guy from NQMM … I’m blanking on his name at the moment ^^;;.)

3. BOA PERFORMING ‘EAT YOU UP’ AND ‘LOOK WHO’S TALKING’!!!!!!!!!  Wow, how long as it been since she’s been in something like this?  Can’t wait, can’t wait!  ♥

4. I recall reading something about there being a Wonder Boys 2.  I don’t know if it will be with different boys (the first one had Sungmin, Shindong, Seungri, Jokwon, and Taemin) though, but it seems likely?  I know I would love to see SHINee’s Key do something like this, roflmao.

5. Bi + Hyori!  Wonder what they’re planning…

5. EVERYTHING ELSE, I MEAN, JUST LOOK AT THE ARTIST LIST!!   Hopefully there are a bunch of special stages.  I, myself, am hoping for some kind of Epik High – Brown Eyed Girls collab XD.   And Supy x SHINee!!

(Also!  MERRY CHRISTMAS TO EVERYONE ♥!!  I hope you’re enjoying your holidays with your loved ones ♥♥♥.)

EDIT: DANCE BATTLE! Featuring Seungri, Yunho, Eunhyuk, and Taemin!!!  The likelihood of me either staying up late/waking up early to watch this is increasingggg.  The show sounds totally epic; I don’t want to miss it anymore XD.

EDIT 2: Show is gonna be hosted by Hyori, ChunHee, and YeJin (FAMILY OUTING FTW!), omg.  Ahhhh.

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MKMF 2008, Pictures and Videos

Because I *am* biased (although I am very happy with how the awards turned out and thought all of the artists deserved everything they won) and Changmin looks so happy here :D.  The other posts are a mess lol, so new post for all the pictures and videos  :).  Great award show; I thought the performances were really something *____*.   And for fans are are disappointed by the results, there are other award shows on the horizon and more chances to win :DD.   I also think people are thinking too lightly of what DBSK actually won!  Best Album of the year!  In a year packed with comebacks and great albums, no less.  Everyone deserved what they won.

MKMF Batman Parody.  WATCH THIS XDDDDDDD.  So funny; it was played during the red carpet segment and I was cracking up so bad even though I didn’t know what they were saying other than “I’m a Cassiopeia!”, “I’m a Wonder Girls fan!”, “I like Lee Hyori!”

Special Stages / Performances:  WERE BASICALLY AMAZING.  ALL OF THEM.
Girls Reloaded – Brown Eyed Girls + Jewelry + Jaurim.  Who knew these pop songs could be translated so well into rock.  Gosh, they look gorgeous too ♥___♥.
Something HOT – 2PM, U-Kiss, SHINee, 2AM, Mighty Mouth, Moon Hee Jun (Part 1) (Part 2).  LSDJFKSDL.  Even beyond the sheer amazingness of the performances, the REACTIONS from various audience members = awesome.  Especially Junsu rapping along during Hee Jun’s performance :D.
Secret Party – Wonder Girls + 2PM.  ‘Nobody’ (Tango Version) was teh sex *___*.  Super good performance.  And when 2PM took off their shirts?  SLDJFKSLDFJKALJS:;lS;fjk:JSDLFJSDKFLSJkl.
Scandalous – Big Bang + Hyori (Part 1) (Part 2).  This was my favorite special stage all night ♥.  DIES, SCANDALOUS INDEED!  THE KISS FELT AROUND THE WORLD.  I WAS HOLDING MY BREATH AND PROBABLY TURNING BLUE WHEN TOP WAS WALKING TOWARD HER SDLJFKDSL.  You gotta give Hyori some credit … the guys get to rotate turns, but she’s dancing through the entire thing.  IN HIGH HEELS.
Rescue 구원) – Epik High + Kim Chang Hwan.  I really love how they remixed and blended the songs *____*.  And the ending was messy and chaotic and just … glorious.
My Addiction – DBSK (Part 1) (Part 2).  My addiction ♥.  I really, really enjoyed the ‘Mirotic’ performance especially.  If I hadn’t seen Jaejoong’s gigantic eyebags beforehand, I wouldn’t have even guessed they were exhausted.  They were singing and dancing their hearts out ♥.  Really proud of you boys ♥.  And um, I say this a lot, but I love them.
Khalil Fong – Ai Ai Ai.  I was so surprised to see him suddenly pop up in the middle of the MKMF, but what a really nice surprise!  He sounds really good *___* ♥.

I’m getting good at using cuts now!  Aren’t you guys proud of me, lol.  :)

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