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So I know this place is pretty much dead (I still like reading through old comments and posts though cause lol we’re all crazy yo) BUT I HAVE TO SHARE. Right now I am vacationing in Prague and I was buying my “Prague Drinking Team” shirt when suddenly Mr. Simple starts blaring through the store. Like, really blaring!!! I almost knocked down a few Kafka cups from the display, I was so surprised. It’s like kpop is grabbing me by the lapels and shaking me back and forth and shouting at me, “spazzes, you can’t get away!!!!!!!!” Kpop is really getting everywhere; I am sorry I don’t have more time to stay up to date on it, except for a few groups. :(

But there you have it: SUJU SPREADING THE GHEI IN PRAGUE!! It was awesome. That reminds me; I must now try to find all the places DBSK went when they were here in 06! (But seriously, Prague is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS.)

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It’s a pretty good day, you guys :D.  I finally have a real day off and the new SuJu album is out!!  I’m still in the process of listening to it (lots of good tracks so far!) but we can still discuss/spazz/;walskdfja;sdlkfja;slkdjf over it kekeke.

Thanks to shannomnoms and everyone for keeping this place updated :D.  Comebacks are grand, especially from a group I love so much!

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SHINee is awesome and this noona loves them to pieces and wishes them well in Japan… but okay I am obsessed with One Piece, like probably the rest of Japan.  I dream of manga chapters and anime episodes!  I count down the days I can go back to Japan and visit one of those stores devoted to selling One Piece merchandise (and now that I actually work, I can buy stuff!  Yeah!)!  I prowl ebay for deals on Colorwalks and figurines!  Luffy is my biggest love next to Yunho!!  (I’m serious, it is that bad, and I will beat down Boa Hancock.)   LOL but yeah you get the picture.  I started reading it based on the recommendations of some of the commenters of this blog actually (THANK YOU!!!) and now I would highly recommend it to anyone else.

So the life size Luffy and the hugeass Thousand Sunny make me really happy :’).  So jealous of Key.

Manga is such a good way to learn Japanese!  I think other kpop artists are also fans of One Piece — off the top of my head, I can think of DBSK (their song “Share The World” is imo one of the best OP songs for One Piece) and Hyunjoong (he wore Chopper’s hat in that one episode of BOF!), but I am sure there are more.

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I am in my ICU month now and my schedule sucks so not a lot of time to pop out at all BUUUUT I hear Suju is making a comeback on August 5th! And they are releasing photos! I’ve seen some of the photos and thought what kind of clusterfuck of a concept is this — but now that they have released all of them and released the most wtf-up-the-wazoo- GIMME MOAR SIWON pic last, I had to take some time to post. O M G seriously. It’s like a rainbow thrift shop owner gigolo threw up on everyone.

Needless to say, I AM VERY EXCITED ABOUT WHAT THE HELL THEIR CONCEPT WILL BE AND I DON’T DOUBT IT WILL BE WILDLY ENTERTAINING. Maybe a bit cringe-inducing too but seriously with SuJu, there is never a dull moment.


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