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Heechul To Return To Radio!!!!!!!

{credit: randomRinnie3 @ youtube; thanks ngpossible for the heads up!}

Heechul makes his return to radio :D.  I think the last time he hosted a radio show was like in freaking 2006 omg a;sldkfja;lsk.  This is great news; it’d be nice to see/hear him in something regularly again ♥.  AND!  I know he’s like 4 years older now, but I hope he doesn’t plan on toning down his crazy radio antics.   I WANT TO SEE THE CRACKTASTIC DANCE PARODIES.

For your reference, here’s a post I did a long time ago on my favorite Heechul videos; I’m sure some of the links don’t work anymore, but they could probably be found very quickly on youtube.  Lots of crazy radio antics!  :D  Man, I miss how fun fandom used to be in 2006-2007 :(.

I also miss how much free time I used to have them, FML!  Sorry for the shitty updates, Internal Medicine rotation is really draining (but fun :D) and sometimes I fall asleep before I get a chance to get on the computer :(.  But I’m still around and I NEED TO KNOW WHEN THOSE NSFW JAEJOONG PICS COME OUT.   I WILL DROP EVERYTHING TO OGLE WHEN THOSE COME OUT.

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March 23, 2010 - Posted by | Radio, Super Junior


  1. Stalking u bb… yikes I still owe u an email… Work is unkind to me and by weekend I am sleeping-like-I-am-on-coma kind…

    I love this boy-man sfm. He can just go on radio for a few minutes as a guest and I laugh my head off. Oh I remember that post and I checked out those links when it work previously… his Nobody dance and bringing Heebum to the station w him… my goodness…I hope there is bora, I need to see his crack nonsense…

    Or he can go on some seemingly regular TV progs and still charm the socks off everyone…

    BUT HE HAVE TO CUT HIS HAIR!! I am dying at the weirdness of it… its prob worse than Xiahzart wig =_= DNW ever…

    Comment by piecesofporcelain | March 23, 2010 | Reply


      Oh, me too bb :D! I didn’t have a single day off this week and was on call twice a;sldkfjlk holy shit I am ready to die. Luckily I have a day off on Sunday. :( Which is so far away but eh.

      IA IA IA IA <333 I try to catch whenever he guests on the radio cause I know I'll probably be lol-ing at something even without understanding what's going on, but him HOSTING HIS OWN SHOW = the material for lols all around.

      I think he needs to cut his hair too gah. He really needs to do it. I want to do it for him.

      Comment by spazzes | March 23, 2010 | Reply

  2. I am looking forward to this entirely too much :D Wait, no, this is never going to be too much. He’s amazing and I can’t wait for the utter crack that come with Kim Heechul!

    I really, really hope somebody translates/subs :P I always say this, but I really want Heechul to cut his hair. It looks kind of like he’s a writer, always reading book and stuff at home, but it doesn’t reflect his crazy personality. He looks too mature, LOL, and his face looks very long :/

    I also really want to know when the pics come out, I need to prepare myself though! :P

    Comment by umazes | March 24, 2010 | Reply


      lol oh god, you are SO RIGHT about the writer thing XD. lol! I think he looks too mature too, it actually makes him look his age, when Heechul with short hair looks like a teenager. :D

      I rly want to make a post that is NSFW! WITH CAPITAL LETTERS! NSFW!!!!! ;)

      Comment by spazzes | March 25, 2010 | Reply

  3. i miss him and heebon together, youngstreet back then was awesome. =_=

    since i know you love CSJH, might as well inform you that Dana will be on a musical (Dae Jang Geum to be exact, she’ll be one of the 2 actresses who plays the lead character). hopefully, this is a sign.

    Comment by lelouch | March 25, 2010 | Reply

    • oh yeah, it really was ;____;
      i wonder what happened to heebon :(

      YES! Thanks for the heads up; that’s awesome!!! I hope the rest of them gradually start getting more active too and then they can have a huge comeback that the fans have been waiting THREE YEARS for, cries.

      Comment by spazzes | March 25, 2010 | Reply

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