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MAC ‘Viva Glam’ Photoshoot

Thanks to sookyeong for the info and pictures and to klamchops for the heads up!  You can read more info and view more fab pictures @ KBITES!  :D

I mostly wanted to post this because this embedded picture is precious and ITA with klamchops that they’re one of the best celeb couples, kpop or otherwise :D ♥.   (Did you see how he was mad cheering for his wife at MAMA??  SO FREAKING CUTE ZOMG.)   I put some of my other favorite people behind the cut (BEG, Kim Tae Woo, and Park Jung Ah) behind the cut; go to KBITES for lots more ^___^!

Brown Eyed Girls

Kim Tae Woo

Park Jung Ah.

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November 23, 2009 - Posted by | Brown Eyed Girls, Fashion, Jewelry, Other Artists


  1. YAY!!! have i told u how much i love you;)! it’s my background picture right now … and when my mom walked by she was all like “hey isn’t that the rapper couple” …u know it’s bad when even ur mother knows who they are =) but ehe yay!!!!!and i JUST watched the rappers battle….TASHA is <3!!!!!! oh and i don't know if u watch a lot of movies..but i watched the blind side yesterday and was prepared to not like it..i usually prefer sandra bullock in romantic comedy's..but this one was actually prettty good…anywya time for sleeeep =) comment later! and sooooo happy that u're back… for the bajillionth time but i know u dont' mind ;)!

    Comment by klamchops | November 23, 2009 | Reply

    • :DDD <333
      ahahaha but yeah ITA, they are AWESOME. I really liked that rap battle and omg it was the cutest thing ever watching him stand up and cheer for his wife lol.

      (I like Sandy Bullock a lot — and I heard she was really good in that, so I shall go see it if I cannnn :D!)

      You're so sweet <333

      Comment by spazzes | November 24, 2009 | Reply

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