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SuJu @ Golden Melody Awards (6/27)

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SuJu was at the Golden Melody Awards (considered the Grammys of Chinese music ^__^) this past weekend ♥!   I was watching the video of their ‘It’s You’ and ‘Sorry Sorry’ performances and the crowd was absolutely SCREAMING THE PLACE DOWN.    The boys must have been so happy to hear all those cheers; I’m glad they got such a great reception!!   ‘Sorry Sorry’ was lipsynched I think, but ‘It’s You’ was live and awesome!  Sungmin performed even though he injured his knee (at Music Bank); he doesn’t dance with the rest of them, but he’s on a platform in the back.  Good for him for being a trouper ♥.

Other videos of interest :)
Super Junior and Ariel Lin Announcing Award.   This is so cute (and damn do Hankyung and Ariel Lin look good together or what?!  OMG ♥) even though I don’t understand a thing XD.  They all pick Heechul for something.  I’m gonna guess it’s like “weirdest member” or something.  I SPOT KANGCHUL :DDD.   And then they pick Eeteuk for something, but I don’t know what for.  Camera hogger?  XDD ♥.
Red Carpet.  They all look pretty delicious in those suits!  Yum.  EDIT: Heads up that ilovejr subbed this clip; check it out here!  :)  Thank you, bb.
Backstage Cuts with Ariel Lin.  Ughhhh why am I such a failure with languages :(.   I think Siwon says something about Ariel Lin and he gets kind of shy ♥♥♥.   And Eeteuk says something too.  (Someone remind me which Taiwanese actress/singer Eeteuk likes.  He had a photobook of her in his room which Hyori and Shin Dong Yup found on that show ‘Change’… Vivian Hsu, was it?)

Some pictures behind the cut; credit as tagged + moniicax3 & 16candl3s @ sj-world!  thanks! :)  I’m hoping more pictures will be out, so I’m gonna wait to upload a zip, but I’ll get to it soon~!

(So, I was looking over the list at winners and … while I’m kind of upset at the total lack of JJ Lin, there are a lot of names I’m not familiar with.  Any recommendations?  Or just in general, I need new Chinese music :).)

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June 28, 2009 - Posted by | Award Show, Super Junior


  1. going crazy! waaah.. super love the performance!
    thanks for posting this!!!
    my heart went out to sungmin.. though he was recently injured he tried his best to perform..
    sungmin hwaiting! :D

    Comment by chipskjaa | June 28, 2009 | Reply

    • np! :)

      Sungmin’s a hard worker <3. To be honest, I would be more surprised if he didn't show up, cause yeah he's a trouper! :)

      Comment by spazzes | June 28, 2009 | Reply

  2. LOL~ Heechul is the member chosen as the one who likes to “mess around/cause chaos/be strange” because his ideas clash with the other members’ and he holds his mic different than the others. Plus, Geng adds that he’s strange, and when speaking he’s strange too. Heechul’s known as a flame-hearted person (direct translation).

    Teukie was chosen as the member who gets tired the most easily when at work. Donghae says it’s because Teuk is the oldest XD and Geng says that its the truth, using a chinese proverb as an analogy.

    Comment by zoolooney | June 28, 2009 | Reply

    • As for the backstage part, the translator says that Siwon says he really enjoys/admires Ariel, and something about waking up to her…? :\ My language skills aren’t good enough to figure out what was said b/c of the background noise.

      Teuk asks that of their group members, who is closest to Ariel’s ideals for a guy. She plantively asks “Do I really have to say it?”

      Comment by zoolooney | June 28, 2009 | Reply

      • you guys and your language skills..! thanks so much for the explanation and summary! damn, I didn’t even really get one right XDD.

        I love when they make fun of Eeteuk for his age!

        Siwon and his fanboying Ariel is the cutest thing, he looked really shy <3333

        Comment by spazzes | June 28, 2009 | Reply

  3. they look great :]
    hope Sungmin gets better soon~

    btw have you seen this years dream concert list?

    It will take place on 10th October.
    There will be 20 artists performing.

    Artist Namelist:
    Wonder Girls
    Dong Bang Shin Ki
    Big Bang
    Lee Hyori
    Super Junior
    Brown Eyed Girls
    Son Dambi
    Tae Goon
    Baek Ji Young
    Kim Jong Kook

    Source: [爱的18只吧 + heyjj]
    Translation credits: mandasoh@iscreamshinki.net
    Please do not remove without full credits.
    Almost all of my fave artists are there, wish I could go ><
    now only if they could hold this here in the U.S too *_*

    Comment by apxiii | June 28, 2009 | Reply

    • If only I could teleport myself to Korea on October 10th. SOBS. That’s such an amazing line up; throw in the Grace, V.O.S, Trax, Park Hyo Shin, and that’s pretty much all the kpop artists I would love to see live <333333333

      Hopefully the whole concert gets broadcasted… *crosses fingers* Thanks for the heads up! :)

      Comment by spazzes | June 28, 2009 | Reply

  4. Ah WordPress… aish… if 2 comments pop up, pls delete the incomplete one bb, I am a klutz :D

    I saw the perf! It was epic! Made me all nostalgic when they were there in ’07 and the boys have came so far, the performance is really matured and sexy… But the camera missed vital points like Heechul’s entrance during Sorry Sorry… Minnie is really a trooper…Hugs him!

    Hehehe, my little language skills come to use. I am ethnically Chinese and can converse and curse up a storm just that I cannot read and write for the life in me, coz was not educated in Chinese, my fail/regret in life…

    Just to add on to zooloney, they were asked who is the “weird” member and Heechul got pointed at and Hankyung explains, that he is just different and even the way he hold his mike! (I seriously hacked a lung!) and then continue to say that Heechul is a Martian. He said “Huo Xing Ren” which means Martian as “Huo Xing” means Fire Planet/Mars and Ren meaning human/people/being…..

    Then Ariel asked who is the member who gets tired the most easily and our Leader got pointed at and Fishy said becoz he is the oldest…Then Hankyung proceed to use the chinese analogy that “an old person at home, is equivalent to a treasure at home”. At some point, Tuekie was just nodding and going “yes,yes”. So cute! I read that Ariel majored in Korean in Uni, I wonder why she didnt speak more with the other boys, except the greeting, if she did maybe more of the boys would have spoken, else Hankyung will always be the spokesperson… But dang, she is one sweet looking girl…I wish WonKyuWook speaks more, I was like come on SJ-M! There was a lot of KangTeuk and they were pointing at the banners/fan cards a lot, I think they are awed by the response of the fans…. After all the Twnese variety programs parody-ing Sorry Sorry, this is the real THING! (SS501 boys were in Twn for a fanmeet and arrived around the same time too, and I saw the news cut of the airport, it was a sea of screaming fans! The hallyu wave is unstoppable!)

    I wished for some Show Luo interaction with the boys, since they(the M boys) did the Pepsi CF together…

    And Tudou hates me dear, so if there is any backstage links in YT, do let me know I will be more than happy to provide a mini translation. Most clips in YT are removed… argh…

    Aww, dun worry bb, I thinks it coz JJ wasn’t really active last year and he had concerts and stuffs… there will always be next year… I really want a copy of the whole show man… I love Jay, but he winning nearly everything is beginning to be cliched already…

    Comment by piecesofporcelain | June 28, 2009 | Reply

    • Yay you! XD Thanks for the clarification.

      And we’re alike! I can listen to and respond in mainly Mandarin and a bit of Taiwanese, but can only read/write, like, thirty-some odd characters of Chinese.

      (And my first words, in any language, were curse words XD)

      …I…can only use two sets of language skills at a time .____. I was using what mediocre Spanish skills I still have to read a fanfic **flails and fails** and completely drew a blank at some of the Mandarin I heard.

      Why are there so many homonyms?! >:| Like that “forty-four dead stone lions” tongue twister for example. @.@

      Comment by zoolooney | June 28, 2009 | Reply

      • You are making me all shy… I think coz it sounds the same “Huo Xing” = Fire Planet/Mars, or “Huo Xin” meaning Fire/Flame heart… they sound so freaking alike! I fail at tongue twister, I wonder why they are even invented in the first place!

        You are better than me, I can hardly read/write, I can recognize random characters off lyrics(fandom again) and can only write my own Chinese name, so that I don’t get disown or something!!

        Comment by piecesofporcelain | June 28, 2009 | Reply

    • You and zooloney are so, so, soooooo much better than me … I can’t speak any other language besides English and I seriously have some writing/reading difficulties with my ONLY language, so I’m worse off, let’s face it XD.

      Thanks so much for the summary!!!! I wish the SJ-M boys spoke up a little more too :D. But the Ariel-SuJu interaction was mighty cute; she looks so cute with them. I can’t wait to see that MV featuring Hae and Wonnie.

      Show Luo should invite them on that show he does with … that other guy *fails with names*. The one Minho and Hye Sun were on just recently. So cute <333

      I'll try to find yt links if I can! :)

      Me too, I also like Jay Chou and think he's very talented, but I didn't think his last album was all that great and definitely not as good as Sixology. :/

      Comment by spazzes | June 28, 2009 | Reply

      • Show Luo and Xiao Gui!!!! If you mean the ent show!? I WILL BE IN FANDOM HEAVEN IF THAT HAPPENS!!!

        Imagine 12 of them in that small studio with 2 of my favourite dorkiest guy from Taiwan will be a dream come true… but I think they are back in Korea already… If they could spend one more day, I love for them go on the show… I am stalking the show as I type coz I get a delayed telecast… hoping to see some interview snippets…

        Comment by piecesofporcelain | June 28, 2009 | Reply

        • Oh bb, I forget to add, you go to meds school. You are a genius. I can’t even put on a plaster properly!

          Comment by piecesofporcelain | June 28, 2009 | Reply

          • Xiao Gui! a;sldkfj I don’t know why I can never remember his name … he’s super cute ^___^. the way they were fighting over Minho was adorable!! I wish more of those episodes were subbed XDDD;;;.

            bb, I’m so, so, soooooooooooo freaking far away from being a genius. I’m a pretty lazy student, honest to God. I just … go through the motions, the routine XD.

            Comment by spazzes | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  5. Lol I had trouble recognising their names in Chinese, but I think Siwon said he mumbles Ariel’s name as he drops off to sleep. I’m really looking forward to her new mv, but now I’m kinda wishing Hankyung had been in since they look so cute together XD

    And of the winners, I’d recommend:
    Crowd Lu: 100 Ways of Living
    (another guy with giant geeky specs, but he’s going in a more indie direction)
    Joanna Wang: Let’s Start from Here
    (she does jazzy stuff, and the second award that Suju presented was for the arrangement of her song)
    and I’m currently into Lala Xu Jiaying, who won the latest One Million Star… I’d recommend her song Yi Yang De Ri Guang, cuz it makes me think of driving along highways =P

    Comment by kuroi_katzchen | June 29, 2009 | Reply

    • I think I’m the only one here that just totally fails at languages XD. Thanks for the heads up! I agree with you, I kind of wish Hankyung had been in Ariel’s MV. They’re super cute together, good-looking pair!

      Thanks for the recommendations!! *runs off with glee* I really need new music, especially new Chinese music :D!

      Comment by spazzes | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  6. So it seems it gets quite amount of American-Chinese here.(Or any other Chinese descendants in other English-speaking countries)
    I must say that I’m really glad and appreciate that the writer of this blog(how should I call you?)mentioned and start gain more(?) interest in “Chinese entertainment”.
    well, I actually want to write “Taiwan”, since I don’t pay that much attention to Taiwan’s entertainment than that of Japan and Korea.
    It’s just that Taiwan being known is what we Taiwanese have been hoping. (of course we need to put effort in.)
    You guys are fluent in English, while I was like ‘Ugh! My English!’.
    anyway, hURRAy!! THX SJ for coming to TW.!

    Comment by kwkckaze | June 29, 2009 | Reply

    • This is such a cute comment ^_____^.

      I’ve always been quite interested in Chinese entertainment. Well, music specifically XD;;. I just don’t blog about it as much, I guess? lololol but I’m a huge fan of some Chinese artists, especially JJ Lin, who I pretty much worship :D. Taiwan has a lot of great music acts imo. I’m also a big fan of 五月天 :D

      i think your English is fine~! :) Don’t be discouraged!

      Comment by spazzes | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  7. =)! hehee hi spazzes! sorry i wasn’t here to act as a translator..but obviously u have others to help u in my place !! =( *sniff sniff* feel so un-needed.. hehe..no j/k… but omg yes i totally want to watch dream concert this year =( ..i’ll probably have to settle for getting the DVD that they sell after… *sighs*… did u watch “oppa band” ep 2?..haha seo in young makes me miss the ant couple days!!! but her voice is soo amazing… umm so who DO ulisten to that’s chinese?..besides jj..do u want me to introduce u to some..like pop singers?..or bands?…girls or guys..from china, hk or tawaian?!

    Comment by klamchops | June 29, 2009 | Reply

    • :D lolololol you’re just so adorable <3333 that's okay! i fail at languages so i'll probably require some help later on too XD

      I haven't watched it yet! gotta do that soon D:. i totally agree that Seo In Young has a really nice voice … she's underrated as a singer because her public persona seems to overshadow that :/. but she's got some pipes!

      I'd love any and all recommendations! Want to recommend me some good Mandarin music? Strong vocals are the most important to me, I'll listen to any genre of music – pop, rock, indie, etc :DDD THANK YOU!

      Comment by spazzes | June 30, 2009 | Reply

  8. I subbed the red carpet section, video available for download here! *-* But I couldn’t find a HQ part of the backstage thing.. :/

    Anyhow, Ariel-Geng are ♥!
    If I’m not wrong the MV with Wonhae’s coming out tomorrow! Or within the next few days at least xD

    Comment by ilovejr | June 30, 2009 | Reply

    • oh awesome! ♥ i’m so silly, i knew i should have checked your page first XD! thank you for subbing ♥♥♥

      GUH CANNOT WAIT!!!! I hope it’s epic, like ‘Timeless’ epic ♥ (except I don’t want one of them to die :((((.)

      Comment by spazzes | June 30, 2009 | Reply

      • They don’t die, yay ♥

        & THE MV IS OUT :D
        But I still can’t find a HQ version of the backstage cut :(

        Comment by ilovejr | July 2, 2009 | Reply

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