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SS501 & Kim Dong Wan On Star Golden Bell (5/24)

Thanks so much to vinchenzo79 for subbing: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.  Hilarious as ever ♥.  (Everyone is, but I mostly recapped the SS501 and Dong Wan parts.)

The MC asks Leader who he would want to go on a hike with and Leader’s response is “Jungmin.”  Jungmin looks so pleased in the background until Leader says he only wants to go hiking with Jungmin so he can ride him, lmao!  (Jungmin’s nickname is “Horse.”)  Jungmin makes the best “omg what did you just say about me?!” expressions ever.  He’s great.

Two of the guests, Jae Woo and Boram, are a real life couple, so the MC wants to compare them to a couple who has only been dating recently XD.  Dong Wan and Jo An act out the part of the new couple.  The comparisons are spot on, imo.  I really like that one situation they acted out where the girl farts and asks to lower the car window.  Dong Wan pretended like it was him that farted; such a gentleman.  Whereas for the couple dating longer, Jae Woo is all, “Don’t open it, let’s just die together.”  ROFLMAO.  It’s so true, though!  So true.  Then Dong Wan (he looks so adorable) gets up to perform the title song, Secret, off his 2nd solo album.  (I LOVE THAT SONG SO MUCH.  AND THE WHOLE ALBUM ACTUALLY.)

The MC asks them if they have a secret they’ve never told anyone before.  Dong Wan tells story about how he and his friend prankcalled a girl and nearly got in trouble with that girl’s boyfriend, who was the best fighter at his school LOL.  Then Dong Wan apologizes to the camera XDD.  Everyone waits anxiously for Jungmin’s secret and he’s all, “I still … wear toe socks.”  SOKDJFOKSLJDKFJ DYING.  Those toe socks look so hilarious.  (And I apologize if I’m inadvertently offending any readers who wear toe socks ^^;;.)  His explanation for why he wears toe socks is even more LULZ: “For people with sweaty feet, the sock wraps around each toe…”  Someone is laughing hardcore in the background, but poor Jungmin actually looks serious about it XD.

The MC remarks that Dong Wan is very health-conscious (“a walking pharmacy”) and asks him to prescribe stuff for the other guests.  HyunJoong says he has a lot of eye mucus when he wakes up in the morning (candid as ever; much love!) and Dong Wan is all, “You … should wash your face.”  (DID I MENTION DONG WAN SMILES LIKE THE SUN?  CAUSE HE RLY DOES.)  It turns out that two of the guests, from Brown Eyed Girls, sitting in his line are big fans of Shinhwa; one of them says she likes Eric because he’s quiet and calm.  Dongwan confirms this.  Then the MC asks Dongwan what he’s like and he says, ” I FLAIL AROUND.”  LOL.  (Have you seen his Happy Shares Company episodes?  He flails around a lot.  Can’t keep still ♥.)

Part 3 is a must-watch, okay.  The MC shows humiliating photos of SS501 and Dong Wan.  (Stop reading this if you haven’t watched it yet!  You don’t want me to ruin it for you.)  The first one is of Kyujong and Youngsaeng … guh, I don’t even know what they’re doing.  Trying to bite the end of a piece of food?  IDEK!  All I know is that Kyu’s face is HYSTERICAL (the MC is all “he looks like an olympic wrestler”) and that Youngsaeng probably has an equally WTF expression which we can’t see cause it’s the back of his head.  So … the next one.  OMG.  I had to hit pause because my chest hurt from laughing so hard XDDDDDDDDD.  The MC says, “We like to call it, ‘A Stare Into The Future'” and reveals AN ABSOLUTELY LOLTASTIC PERFORMANCE PICTURE OF HYUNJOONG WITH THIS EERIE AND ODD STARE.  AND WITH FLARED NOSTRILS TOO, LMAOOOOOOOO!!  But really handsome people DO make really unflattering and loltastic expressions!  Siwon has proved this about a billion times over already.  Last humiliating picture (“Sorrow In The Corner”) is of Dong Wan making this hilarious kissy-face during a performance LOL!  He tries to point out the dancer on the other side of the picture, who was lots of lulz as well.

SS501 gets up to do their Song Calling For You dance (which is adorable T___T) and the MC remarks that it would be a cute couple dance.  So four female guests choose their SS501 boy … no one chooses Youngsaeng and he says about it, “I’m happy.”  XDDD!  I think he should be cause the couple dances were kind of fail lol.  Jungmin seems really amused that Shin Young picked him.  And Kyujong’s partner, Chae Young, is wayyyyyy more into the dance than he is!  Cute Kyu ♥.

The MC asks Jungmin about his role as an angel in their Song Calling For You music video.  PEOPLE START LAUGHING EVEN BEFORE JUNGMIN CAN EXPLAIN HIMSELF.  LOL!  Obviously.  I mean, it was really weird casting!  Jungmin says he wore white clothes and filmed his scenes in a white room, but didn’t feel like an angel.  Hyunjoong suddenly chimes in with, “A mental patient.”  I DO ENJOY THIS HYUNJOONG-JUNGMIN BICKERING VERY MUCH :DDD.  So the MC asks Jungmin, “Can you do … the crazy guy?” and Jungmin starts laughing HAHAHAHAHAHAHA :).  I swear that sometimes he looks crazy when he’s just laughing (cause he smiles with his whole head!) but crazy!Jungmin is my favorite .   Then Kyujong gets to act out his role as the “bodyguard” with Shin Young.  HE IS SO CUTE OMG.  He’s, uh, very theatrical XDD;;.  And he can’t pick her up, so she GRABS HIM AND PRETTY MUCH THROWS HIM OVER HER SHOULDER AND CARRIES HIM BACK TO HIS SEAT.  ASDKFLJKLSJD SO CUUUTE!  Kyu is just holding on for dear life.  And … he must also be featherweight because she picked him up like he was nothing, lol.

Then they play a game where four of the five guests have the bottom of their seats cut out but one guest has an intact chair.  ALL FIVE OF THEM HAVE TO SIT ON ICE AND ANSWER QUESTIONS TO GET OFF, LMAO.  Omg, sooooo funny.  They all sound so desperate, especially Leader, Jungmin, and Shin Young.  At 2:11 into part 4 where all five of them shout out their names, you can hear “PARK JUNG MIN!!!11!1!!” very clearly, lol.  The MC says that they’ll pick people based on how desperate they sound while answering.  The five are asked to rank each other from most to least searched on the internet.  I LOL’d so hard when Jungmin finds how he isn’t ranked as high as he would have liked and says, “IT KIND OF PISSES ME OFF!”  XDDD;;.  Hyunjoong answers correctly and is allowed to get off the ice.  He says that he feels like his butt is gonna rip.  LOL.  Meanwhile,  Jungmin just sits on his ice and squirms.  You can see that his pants are wet from the ice and Hyunjoong (I think?) yells out from the side, “HE PISSED HIMSELF.”  LMAO.  OH BOYS ♥.  I am enjoying the Jungmin abuse.  (They were tickling him earlier, too!  He’s so adorable 8D.)  All the other guests are SO FUNNY in this game too, especially when they were singing while being slid around on ice.

Okay, I got lazy right around here and stopped recapping, but I did watch the rest and it was hilarious ^___^.  Keep an eye out for 2:48 into part 5 where HyunJoong, Jungmin, and Kyujong take turns saying, “Hi, Dong Hyun!” in their own crazy way, lol.  Kyu’s was my favorite lol.  He’s so crazy these days ♥.  Also, 1:39 into part 6 where Jungmin catches the hacky sack in his toe socks.  And just everything … the SGB relay is hilarious with the hacky sack and the math and the blowing into water bottles with your nose and jump roping ♥.

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May 29, 2008 - Posted by | K-Variety, Shinhwa, SS501


  1. not reading your comments because will watch, but quainte501 subbed and uploaded the hyunjoong/hwangbo cut for ep.11. ytube.

    also: why you so quick???

    Comment by avieyal | May 29, 2008 | Reply

  2. **of we got married, that is.

    Comment by avieyal | May 29, 2008 | Reply

  3. ep 10 sorry

    Comment by avieyal | May 29, 2008 | Reply

  4. ^ alskdjf thank you! i was actually just looking for that lol. thanks! :)

    Comment by spazzes | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  5. I REALLY LIKED THIS SGB episode!!! <3333 I was ecstatic when i knew DONGWAN was in it then i found out ss501 were in it too and it just made the wait for subs about 293871328 times much harder…But it was definitely worth it! XXDD This ep had so many ROFLMAO moments and I REALLY MISS DONGWAN ON SHOWS!!! gosh that guy is the biggest dork/wit guy ever and he always seems to make the show a zillion times better ^^ haha yes im hugely biased when it comes to him <33

    Man how good does dongwan look these days, age really does seem to like him <3 and zomg dont get me started on his 2nd album, its sooo darn good. Im even tempted to say now that its better than his 1st album and i still cant get enough of ‘Secrets’, its so addicting.

    Anyways he was soo CUTE throughout the thing and YES HE DOES SMILE LIKE THE FREAKIN SUN!!!! XDDDD I think you’ve already mentioned all my favourite parts of him haha but i love the “walking pharmacy” part cuz the advice he gives is just ROFLMAO DORKFACE!! and the dating act thing when he said “sorry i farted” aww what a gentlemen, it made me melt into a puddle of goo haha…oh oh and the part where he was sliding on the ice and was trying to sing ‘Secrets’ was sooo cute. Then when they did the relay and when he failed at doing the hacky sack thing, he looked so embarrassed, it was the cutest expression ever <3

    AND OMG JUNGMIN WAS SO HIGH!! Well his always high and crazy, but i thought he was hilarious here.His toe socks are sooo cute *giggles* Him and leader were lols during the ice thing XD Oh and i found it hilarious when him, leader and dongwan were doing the jump rope thing and they were all going fine until kim jae dong jumped in and killed it LOLOL..I really like him cuz his so funny, especially during ysmm days ^^..

    Oh not sure if you’ve seen this

    Its just a subbed cut of dongwan on sgb last year when he was promoting his 1st jib..LOLOL at his voice cracking when he sang “handkerchief” XD

    Comment by beckery | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  6. watched this and i LOVE this episode too! mostly because it didn’t seem too draggy with the introduction of the guests part and JungMin looked happy and was being such a good sport. you can tell when on certain shows sometimes he’s a bit moody and reacts differently when ppl tease him. instead of giving his slightly pissed “oh, really” look, he was actually smiling throughout in this one. but lack of Magnae this time around :)

    Comment by inquinn | May 30, 2008 | Reply


    I want to watch this SO BADLY it’s not even funny. And A-Kon’s tonight, so….I won’t be home till past 12. -sigh- Why do I do this to myself? (I’m trying to make myself feel better because the Versailles concert is tonight, but…I’m not nearly as in love with Versailles as I am with Jungmin. xD)

    But…it sounds amazingly cracktastic, and I’m SOOOO excited to get home and watch this!!!!!! =D It’s worth a major lack of sleep, really. Because Jungmin abuse is SO MUCH FUN to watch! =D I must be a bit of a sadist, lol…>.>

    =O Aww, Jungmin, don’t worry, I search you ALL THE TIME on the internet. =D

    Comment by voicelessdoll | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  8. XD I LIED.

    I found a way to get youtube to work. =]

    Watching now! HOMG Jungmin’s expression after Hyunjoong’s “I can ride him” comment…xDD That can be taken in so many ways…>.>

    Comment by voicelessdoll | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  9. voicelessdoll: I KNOW RIGHT? >_<

    hee…it just so happened i had quainte501’s channel open when i checked your blog. it was like, double S double bomb or something. i was hit left and right! XP

    seen this a while back, actually. i’m loving astro right now for having kbsw. SGB in HD. right in front of me. *squeesquee* (they use the clip of the episode with the dobuleaseu boys for the promo ad clips during the kbswhighlights LOL)

    Comment by avieyal | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  10. *out of topic* but..

    HI ‘avieyal’! You’re Malaysian?

    Comment by inquinn | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  11. Dongwan’s smile is ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

    I’m not familiar with SS501, but Hyun Joong is cute. ^^

    Comment by bleaghh | May 30, 2008 | Reply

  12. I go on away for a few days and I’ve missed so much .. I have to back track 2 or 3 pages O__o Anyways I’m loving this ep of SGB! Dongwan is so HOT! and just like you said his smile is like the SUN :D My favorite boys are in this so I can’t complain ^-^ Dongwan + Jungmin = happy me :D! I was laughing throughout the whole show. Lol on Dongwan as a “walking pharmacy” & his prescriptions to everything haha!

    Aww Jungmin got picked on but at least he’s not throwing a tantrum or anything like that :D ROFL his toe socks! Lol on leader & Jungmin sitting on the ice, they looked so uncomfortable. Yay they FINALLY finished a group relay (well as far as I know this the first one they’ve completed I maybe wrong). Aww poor Kim Jae Dong gets beaten up after ruining the jump rope. Lol at least he didn’t mess up on their last try. Anyways thanks for all the hard work you do keeping us updated :D

    Comment by babiegel | June 2, 2008 | Reply

  13. does anybody know where there is another subbed version of this episode? the youtube vids don’t work D:

    Comment by kpopftw | June 24, 2009 | Reply

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