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Kangta’s ‘Change’ Episode (4/6)

Thanks to 90kim90 for the upload! One, two, three, four, five, six.

I’m still SJKFLEJIFDSLFJI-ing over the SuJu-M music video, but I’ve sobered up a little and can write something about Kangta’s touching ‘Change’ episode XDD. I haven’t been keeping up with this show, unfortunately, but I do have all the episodes downloaded and ready to watch! So I will do that sometime soon. (I can’t believe I missed Shin Dong Yup’s ‘Change’ episode DDD:. I saw a preview and he tried to fool his own daughter, who is 10-months-old and flipping adorable, just like her dad :). And No Hong Chul’s one! I saw part of it and … I sort of cried at the end. Very touching. And Son Ho Young! He got changed into a girl and I missed it booo. I’ll catch up. I will!)

Kangta recently entered the military and I didn’t even know until like the day before (I’m a bad fan, yes), so this Change episode was surprising to me. I’m really grateful for it, though, if only to see him one last time for two years. But I know he will be back and better than ever. Of course ♥. He gets a total makeover … very hard to tell that it’s him unless you look at his eyes XDD. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW KANGIN MANAGED TO RECOGNIZE HIM FROM ACROSS A FREAKING POND. And Kangta was wearing a mask and riding a bicycle and sjdkfljdsklf how did Kangin do itttttttt. Kangta pretends that they’ve got the wrong person and some of the cast just walk away, but Kangin’s insists that it’s him. They make Kangta take off his mask and lol they just laugh themselves silly at him. Hoi (Ho Young) pretty much spazzes out. It’s really great ♥.

First person they try to fool is Lee Ji Hoon. He was part of Group S, with Kangta and Hye Sung. He’s looking as cute as ever, I see :). Kangta pretends a recording rep and LJH sings for them (it’s so cute how he warms up, lol). I don’t know what Kangta said to him (and did I hear some Japanese in there?), but it looked like telling him to adjust his voice or the lyrics or something. It was hilarious watching SDY and company get deliriously happy watching this. (@ 5:14 INTO PART 3, SDY GETS SO EXCITED AND LOSES HIS HEAD AND ACTUALLY PULLS KANGIN’S SHIRT DOWN; Kangin is all “WTH?!”) Then at about 8:50 into part 3, Kangta actually joins LJH (who still can’t recognize Kangta) in the recording booth and sings with him LOL. Kangta has a really distinctive voice, imo, so LJH is immediately suspicious. ROFLMAO. I can’t stop laughing at his expression! He stops singing to steal glances at Kangta and then the exclamation points go across the screen HAHAHAHAHA!!! Then LJH realizes it’s Kangta and breaks into the most gorgeous smile EVER @ 9:29 ♥___♥. And proceeds to whack himself on the head. It’s adorable.

Next, Kangta tries to fool two other friends, Shin Hye Sung and Kim Min Jong, at a barbeque. SHS arrives first at 4:50 into part 4 and sits with the rest of the crew, apparently oblivious to Kangta who is wandering around the set LOL. (And the Shin Dong Yup-Kangin abuse LIVESSSSSS! I don’t know what he said, but Kangin looks like he’s trying to be the MC, so SDY pretends to knee him in the stomach and punch him in the face. Awww. I love these two.) I think SHS talks about his friendship with Kangta for a bit and THEN BREAKS SOME CHOPSTICKS WITH HIS NOSE. I DON’T EVEN KNOW 8D;;. Then KMJ shows up in part 5. Kangta hands him a blanket and then bothers Hyori for an autograph. LOL. A video collage of Kangta + friends pictures is played and … KMJ starts to tear up and has to walk away from the group for a while. I just about died when Kangta starts crying too and walks up to KMJ and hugs him from behind sjkdlfjdkls. So yeah, Kangta ruined his own Change episode, but jskdlfjkdls everyone goes waterworks, me included ;____;. Especially when they leave video messages for him and everyone gets so teary.

LOL AND THEN WE FIND OUT THAT EVERYONE KNEW IT WAS KANGTA AND THEY WERE ACTUALLY PRANKING HIM XDDD. At 7:01 into part 6, Kangta runs after LJH and SHS and tries to kick them for pranking him, lols. But it doesn’t make the whole thing a bit less touching, because I totally think those tears were real! Very, very touching episode ♥♥♥. Good luck, Kangta ♥.

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  1. ah. I was going to cap it all down in Let’s Eat Candy
    oh well. ^^ I wish there is a subbed version for this.

    Comment by potensvita | April 8, 2008 | Reply

  2. aww I like this one :) *damn* I’m such a crybaby, I started crying when KMJ started to tear up and I had full on water works when Kangta cried. Anyways Thank you for this post :) Loving your site more & more!

    Comment by babiegel | April 9, 2008 | Reply

  3. @ potensvita,
    I hope it gets subbed, too <3. Although I think ‘Change’ is one of those shows that is really fun, even without the subs lol :).

    @ babiegel,
    *pats* don’t worry, I definitely started crying too. That was a really sad episode, but so heartwarming <3. You’re very welcome! Thanks for the comment :)!

    Comment by spazzes | April 9, 2008 | Reply

  4. Oh yeah! Son Ho young – his cousin is in my Japanese Class. She’s very nice (and I just found out that she lives in my neighborhood, LOL). She said that every time her cousin gets to perform for the Hollywood Bowl, she gets to go backstage for free. Envious, no?

    Also, the craziest thing: when Rain performed at the Hollywood bowl, he stayed at her house! Apparently, So Ho Young and Rain are pretty close, and Rain is close friends to my friend’s family. It’s amazing what a small world this is. She told me about the Change episode with her cousin on it, and she sorta said, “Yeah…it didn’t really work, since he has big muscles…” LOL.

    Comment by heliodus | April 9, 2008 | Reply

  5. WAIT, WHAT?! THAT IS TOO AWESOME, ZOMG. He’s going to be at the HB this year, actually, so she’s going to be able to meet a lot of really awesome artists <3! (Assuming they don’t mess around with the list anymore .___.)

    Son Ho Young sjdkfljds. I never blog about him, but maybe I should. He’s a really nice guy, according to his shows and interviews. If you’ve ever seen the T.O.P vs. SHY Happy Shares Company (it’s subbed on soompi!), it was soooo cute. SHY has a lot of friends and he’s really nice to everyone <3.

    Comment by spazzes | April 9, 2008 | Reply

  6. Haha, seriously! Isn’t that crazy? I didn’t have any idea who SHY was at first, so I asked her about it, and she calmly told me about him and stuff. She said they they are close relatives, and she often calls him to see how he’s doing. (Then I research him and find out that he’s gorgeous O_O. Oh Korea.) He even thanked her on one of his CD’s… and she didn’t even know about it until her friend mentioned it to her. LOL!

    She also told me of a time when Rain and SHY went to her Korean class that was held at my old High school. (They teach Korean there on the weekends). She said that her teacher freaked out and asked to take a picture, lol.

    She also knows of my avid adoration of DBSK, and I asked her to say hello to them for me (I only know how to speak Japanese, and seeing how I’m going to a KOREAN concert, that may not be the best idea. Plus, I’ll just be an incoherent puddle of mud too.) She even offered for them to talk to me on my cell phone, but then I replied that would NOT be a good idea – since I would actually want to communicate with them (in the best way possible) like a normal human being and not just pass out in excitement. heheheh

    I didn’t want to encroach upon her and push her to see if I can go backstage with her (that would be AWESOME though if I could), since that would just be rude. (Plus, I already bought tickets with my friends). I’m honestly excited through her, if that makes sense, lol. And we might carpool as well! So, I’ll get to hear all the details of what went on behind stage!


    And the one with Shin Dong Yup is AWESOME. I ALSO WANT TO MEET THIS MAN. HE’S SO MUCH WIN.
    His daughter is adorable!!! XDDD

    Comment by heliodus | April 9, 2008 | Reply

  7. Its looks like Kangin have good memory and eye sight.

    Comment by sjlove13 | April 13, 2008 | Reply

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