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CSJH To Hold 1st Concert

Thanks so much to oshirou and xman150 @ soompi for the news! The girls will be having their 1st solo concert in Japan in March (3/20 and 3/23)!

CAN WE SAY BEST NEWS EVER? I’ve been waiting forever, pretty much since the first time I ever heard them sing My Everything like … a long time ago, to hear this. I’m so proud of them :DD. I feel like this should have happened a long ass time ago because they are sooooo talented. And beautiful and charismatic. They’re great live performers (you’re missing out if you haven’t seen this live performance of Piranha @ A-Nation; I know some people criticize them for their mature and sexy image, but guhhh they’re super talented and this is my kind of music!  I’m not a fan of the very cutesy stuff ^^;;), so I feel like this concert will rope in a loooot of new fans for them.

I WISH I COULD GO BUT I STILL LIVE ON THE WRONG CONTINENT :(. You better go if you live in or around Japan homg. And send the girls my love~. I’m still crossing my fingers for them to come to the Hollywood Bowl!

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February 7, 2008 - Posted by | CSJH The Grace


  1. This is awesome awesome fantastic news!!!!

    I agree I hate the cutsey fluffy stuff. =/ (I’m really curious why tell me got so big) …

    they are very very very talented!!! And they can pull of the mature sexiness.

    Comment by nathica | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  2. WHY CANT I LIVE IN JAPAN?????????????????????
    or I should be asking WHY DO THEY NEVER COME TO AUSTRALIA?????????
    argh…but still im happy for CSJH! Theyre such talented performers…how I wish i could go =[

    Comment by candychu | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  3. I’m SOOOO ESSICITED for them! They’re crazy underrated cause everyone else likes those stick thin little bubblegum poppy girls (ick) instead of them… I totally wish I could go! Their solos are bound to be rockin awesome!!!! But the DVD should be nice too (I LOOOOVE Japanese concert DVDs; whoever films them always makes them into like a real film and not just a video of a concert).

    Comment by nanshi | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  4. @ nathica,
    I love that they can pull off the “mature sexiness.” :DDD I hope they do really, really well in Japan this year.

    @ candychu,
    LOL WHY DOES EVERYTHING HAPPEN IN JAPAN. I miss out on a lot of stuff XDD. And I wish I could go too :(.

    @ nanshi,
    I TOTALLY agree about them being crazy underrated. And sjdfklsjfekjd OMG DVD. I really, really hope that happens. They wowed me with their 4-minute A-Nation Piranha and that was a YOUTUBE video; can’t imagine what it’s gonna be like watching they perform at their own concert :D. I’d buy it. And watch it on a bigscreen TV and fangirl them like mad lol!

    Comment by spazzes | February 7, 2008 | Reply

  5. in my opinion, they’re the best female vocalists on korea right now :)))) i love them! GOOD LUCK TO THE GIRLS ♥♥♥! and yaaaaaaay for concert goodies! ♥

    Comment by missgeorgie | February 8, 2008 | Reply

  6. Omg like finally! I’m so happy for them. I’m more of a Dong Bang fan but I feel soooo bad for them! They are freakin’ mad talented! Why Sm, why must you ditch them for other groups *Coughsnsdcough* (You did not see that, clear? LOL :D) when CJSH has what it takes to make it bigger than any of them?! It’s so unfair cos imo, like missgeorgie said, theyre the best female vocalitsts in Korea right now! (BoA aside, of course. But isn’t she practically a Japanese now? Lol & Zhang Li Yin can sing but really, she needs more work done…) And it really sucks how sm is not promoting them, at all. But, alas! Finally there’s progress! Now… where’s the confetti?

    Best of luck, girls ♥!

    Comment by glitterandgold | February 8, 2008 | Reply

  7. @ missgeorgie,
    I agree with you! :DD
    I can’t wait for concert goodies. Hopefully they put this out on a DVD too~.

    @ glitterandgold,
    HAHAHAHAHA :DD. I actually first found out about them because a lot of people said they were the “female version of DBSK.” that unfortunately earned them some antis, but I got interested and became an instant fan :). I wish they got more promotion too~~~.

    Comment by spazzes | February 10, 2008 | Reply

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