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Happy birthday to Korea’s #1 raccoon handsome guy! He’s 23 today (24 in Korean age). First became a huge fan of this guy after watching their Full House show. ALL HIS BITCH FIGHTS WITH HEECHUL ARE LEGENDARY. Plus, watching him prance around in a cow outfit makes me LOL so hard, you have no idea. And he’s a sweetheart sjdkfljdsklfjds ♥♥♥. It may be a little hard to believe because he looks like he could break someone in half AND he bullies the other members around a lot, but he’s really such a softie inside. Such a teddybear. I also really love that he’s so supportive of other artists, especially the newer artists. He’s always patting them on the back and going, “Good job, good job!” His reaction to F.T Island winning a Mutizen for the first time still makes me smile. And speaking of smiling, OMG HE SMILES LIKE THE SUN. How can you not love someone who smiles like that?!

I’m sorry this picspam is so sad, but I haven’t really recovered all my pictures from the computer-crash-of-doom last year :(. It makes me sad. My Kangin folder had like 300+ pictures too, but now I only have like 30 DDDD:. {credit for all: as tagged + bestiz + soompi + AF; please don’t hotlink!}

There are a TON of great Kangin videos on youtube though! You’ve probably seen all of these, but whatevs, it’s fun for me to watch them again! I’m always up for procrastination, yo~.

Kangin v. Heechul On New Xman. Their bitch fights will never get old for me. NEVER! I love Kangin’s expression after Heechul tells him there are too many people in SuJu for him to remember all their names, lol! Kangin talks about Heechul’s “women” in retaliation. It’s hilarious; absolute must-watch. Also be sure to check THIS CLIP out, also from this episode of New Xman. More bickering and more hilarity XDD!

Arm-wrestling a Girl. THIS IS SUCH A CUTE CLIP, OMG. He’s got such a soft spot for kids; he’s gonna be such a good daddy later ^^.

Kangin Ignored By Kids. Conversely, given how taken he is with kids, it’s REALLY hilarious to watch them blow him off XDDD. He looked so disappointed, lmao! That kid was being a brat, though, lololololol. And there’s even some KangTeuk in this at the end.

On YSMM (Ep 195: Part 1, part 2; Ep 216: Part 1, part 2). muishie also subbed the most recent YSMM episode with Kangin, so be sure to check that out! He is a really good guest, imo ~ his stories are interesting and hilarious. HE EVEN GETS INTO A BITCH FIGHT WITH HEECHUL IN EP 216 AND HEECHUL’S NOT EVEN THERE BWAHAHAHAHA. He says that he finds spots on TV shows for Heechul, not the other way around LOL! They’re so cute together :*. Ah and he also flatters Kang Ho Dong quite a bit in Ep 216 (which is … quite different from when Heechul comes on the show, lmfao), calling KHD his “life’s hero.” He talks about how he had to diet to prepare for the release of their 1st album ~ I never realized he lost that much weight in such a short amount of time O____O! (I think he mentioned on another show that Eeteuk really helped him with his diet; I can’t remember the name of the show, but I thought that was really cute.) I like that he isn’t stick-thin like some of the other boys, though, cause he looks like he would give the best hugs ever guh.

Kangin’s Diary (SuJu Show). HE IS SO ADORABLE, ENOUGH SAID. That part where he was talking about how he (and the other members) worried about Siwon when Siwon was in China was too sweet. AND HE KISSES SUNGMIN *DIES*. He likes stealing people’s kisses, lmao.

Kangin Helps Kim Dong Wan On Happy Shares Company. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Dong Wan, so this clip makes me extra happy. Kangin helps Dong Wan cheat by leaving a drink open in front of him and turning off the lights so the PD can’t film it. I love all the exclamation points that suddenly show up on the screen, lol. They almost got away with it too!

Card Kissing Game. From their mini drama (which I can watch over and over again; the crack that oozes out of these boys is just pure win). I’ve posted this on this blog many times, but it just never gets old. I will never get over Kangin forcing himself on all those poor boys. He looks like he’s a really good kisser XDDD. The KangTeuk kiss killed me ~ Eeteuk even falls to the floor, lmfao.

Kangin Laughs At Eunhyuk. Okay. This is only 30 seconds long, but it’s HILARIOUS. Hyuk basically falls out of his chair and Kangin explodes with laughter. He sounds so out-of-breath when he laughs bwahahahaha. I was LOL-ing hardcore at Hyuk at first, but the more I watch this, the more I LOL @ Kangin’s reaction to Hyuk falling XDD. A+++.

Eeteuk Driving; Kangin + Sungmin Terrified. Another one of those clips that will never get old. Eeteuk’s driving is unbelievably bad. Kangin gives him directions, which Teuk doesn’t really follow LOL! Poor Sungmin looks genuinely terrified in the backseat, while Kangin seems to grow more and more frustrated with Teuk. (I think I would definitely get frustrated too, if I was like “STOP STOP STOP STOP!!!” and Eeteuk kept driving lmfao.)

… youtube just died on me :(. Argh I can’t access my favorited videos or search for anything XD. Will continue this post tomorrow! FEEL FREE TO SPAM ME WITH YOUR FAVORITE KANGIN VIDEOS!

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January 17, 2008 - Posted by | Birthday Post, Picspam, Super Junior


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KANGIN!! omg i love this boy (3rd fave in suju? IDEK anymore) *dreams of bearhugs and kisses from kangin*. man, kangin and kids make my ovaries ache, i swear (is that weird? lolz sorry..) and he does smile like the sun. he does. the eyes, omg.

    no videos to spam you with now, but there’s a video i’ve seen where he asks a fan who’s their favourite suju member, and the fan says kibum and he gets all pissed XD i cant seem to find it anymore though.. anyone?

    it’s kinda special that i officially finish my thesis today, which means i officially complete my masters programe today, on kangin’s birthday, no? i’ll always remember this!

    Comment by thebendsinister | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  2. i so want to be hugged by kangin!! especially after watching the last ep of YSMM…i also want him to pinch my cheeks ^^ *squeal*
    hehe i stole the two pics of kyuhyun+kangin+donghae…*currently imagining myself as kangin in that position* buahahaha…i esp love the one where kyuhyun;s tongue is sticking out xPP
    ahaha anywayz back to kangin .. i love his smile!!! his smile is so contagious … like wen i was watching YSMM i forgot who was speaking but the camera went to kangin and hes just like :D and seeing him smile like that just made me :D too hehe and i love how his eyes r squinty
    oh and i also think kangin would make a great kisser. ive seen that card kissing game so many times and i still LOL … the way kangin grabbed eunhyuk made me think he must be so pro at it …
    so in conclusion –> kangin would make a great bf <3333
    Happy Bday korea’s #1 handsome guy ^^
    p.s where is that gif from? kangin looks so sneaky the way he turned his head at the last minute…lucky girl xP

    Comment by candychu | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  3. Awww the picture of him and Teuk holding hands is so CUTE *——————-*
    But GAH how can anyone resist that smile *——-* If there’s ever a power failure anywhere they can just get Kangin to walk over and smile and the room will be all bright again :DD (slight exaggeration lol)
    Btw, I linked you, hope that’s ok <333

    Comment by pinkandsparkly | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  4. @pinkandsparkly: gosh yeah, how could i forget to mention how much i love that picture! i’m actually looking for a hi-quality version to use as my wallpaper… that’s like my most favourite pairing photo evarrr! i havent seen a sweeter jaeho/yoosu pic yet.. kangteuk ftw!

    Comment by thebendsinister | January 17, 2008 | Reply


    I agree with you..although he’s more on the chubby side, he’s totally like a giant teddy bear that i really wanna hug!!! Love him to bits~! xD

    Well, just to share some videos in my playlists :)

    He was singing on Chunji and his voice cracked. The laugh that followed was SO CUTE. *v* I really love his voice…though the quality is quite bad…guh i love to hear him sing xD

    Leeteuk was acting as a gentle shy girl…and kangin “kissed” him! xD Kangteuk!!!

    Comment by teukislove | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  6. i’m just gonna say..

    SAENGIL CHUKAHAMNIDA~! our Korea #1 Handsome Guy deserves all the love and cookies in the world~ my reaction’s pretty slow ( i love Kangin) but i only realised how handsome he is (deservedly of the title) in that Star King show with the Sand Painting man. how he wrestled with that female wrestler and ended up in a hug.. the way he looked at her, the shy smile and the squinty eyes (not to mention the Ulzzang poses) killed me. like BAM! “OMG! Kangin’s so good-looking!” i gotta admit his hair now is much <3, makes him look less round.

    and YES! he looks like he’d give the best hugs ever~ *squishes Kangin*

    Comment by jinyounae | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  7. ummm kangin is my favorite suju. HOW HANDSOME IS HE. cannot even handle it.

    Comment by caramelsquares | January 17, 2008 | Reply

    He is one of my favourite guys in Suju :DDDDD he’s such a teddybear,even my mom loves him! LOL I wish him all the best, lots of love and success ♥

    AND, this is one of my favourite videos with him, I love the way he laughs! TOO CUTE! he’s singing Irony, from Wonder Girls! I love how he goes “irony ~” *steal Kangin*

    Comment by missgeorgie | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  9. Hehe, happy late birthday to Korea’s number one everything.<3 LOVE YOU KANGIN<3

    Comment by dhhg | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  10. OMGUHHH KANGIN 8D ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥! Belated happy birthday! :D

    OMG I LOVE KANGIN LIKE SO MUCH xD And his smile, YES :O And the way his eyes go all n____n when he smiles. Aslkdjfakjsdf he’s such a cutie :DDDDD Lol.

    I remember.. waaaay before, back when I didn’t know Suju was Suju, and I was just looking at pretty Korean guys on YT.. I just remember like.. falling in love with him when I saw him. XDD

    EEEE *happy* Kanginnie makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside 8D And I totally agree, he looks like he’d give out great hugs T-T!

    Comment by etherenia | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  11. Kangin is such a cool guy! =]
    He give this really tough impression but then he’s really really sweet! and he’s so hilarious!!!! haha
    i love how in that card game cut he was making it look like he was practically making out with the other guys. and then donghae joins in at the end for a threewaykiss xPPPPP

    Comment by nathica | January 17, 2008 | Reply

  12. man, that smile kills…… sooo dreeeamy!!! ^_^

    but props to kangin on his birthday!!! happy birthday!!!!

    Comment by yonheet55 | January 18, 2008 | Reply

  13. This is funny, a clip from some variety show where he talks about a guy that liked him in high school…

    And this one… It’s Brian doing a sexy dance, but just watch how SHAMELESSLY kangin checks him out. XDDDD

    Comment by kkaebi | January 18, 2008 | Reply

  14. really late but, rawr, happy birthday kangin <333

    Comment by querubin | February 7, 2008 | Reply

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