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Unstoppable Marriage OST – 요즘 나는

I’m glad F.T Island is doing all these tracks for OSTs!  It’s great their music is getting more exposure. And actually, I thought a lot of songs on their debut CD could have been used as theme songs and such, lol.  ESPECIALLY MEETING [마중], HOMGGGG.  That song needs more love ♥.

요즘 나는 is a song from the Unstoppable Marriage OST.  (I haven’t been keeping up with that sitcom (which stars F.T Island’s Jaejin), but I think the first episode has been subbed at loveft-i, so I’ll have to check that out soon.)  This song features the lovely voices of HongKi and Seeya’s Nam Gyu Ri. HongKi never lets me down.  And Nam Gyu Ri has the best voice in Seeya imo (although all three of them have lovely voices ~~ definitely one of my favorite female groups).

I really like this song; it’s fun and catchy, with a distinctly Christmas feel. Plus, you can’t go wrong with HongKi and Nam Gyu Ri ^^. Download this!

요즘 나는

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November 19, 2007 - Posted by | Downloads, F.T Island

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