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Sexy, Free and Single…..

I agree with the first part…but Free and Single? Not sure…. Definitely gonna make a dent in my wallet especially since I now they will be coming out with not just one album but probably a repackaged album or a “type B” …. *sigh*…and The being “single” part..if only that were true…. I really hope they have normal relationships soon too, I’m very proud to not be an overly posessive ELF…

Check out the new MV!

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Wow SM…… Another one!? Paparazzi’s out!

I was anticipating a Kan Mi Young -feel to the song, but OMG YAY! SNSD finally has an MV that has a little more of a story! Although they went from manicans last time to….well I think they’re supposed to be broadway singers/marionette themed?

The red and black is SMEXY!

OK the Whole first minute I’m going to skip because…well it’s kinda just……filler…The real MV starts at 1:32…and omg sunny bunny …..how do you pull off perpindicular lined tights? SO envious of the girl’s legs….

1:33 – Sunny bunny’s “Omo!…there’s paparazzi!”

1:40 – And the coats come off and the girls come out!

1:50 – 1:55 – The feathers on some of the girls are a bit much…but at least this time I don’t have to shoot the stylists… *cough* FX stylists *cough* Hyoyeon stands out with her mock suit outfit…although her and sunny’s outfit almost goes in to the … maid cafe’s bunny waitress costume territory…

2:30 – Why does Sooyoung always have such weird outfits? I know she’s the tallest and skinny enough to pull off anything but like a random sequined half jump suit with furry pompoms?

2:45 – Oh great now ALL of them are wearing maid outfits!

3:01 – 3:03 – Should have stuck with the hint of red with the gloves…the pink reminds me of rubber gloves you use to wash dishes

3:56 – OMG natural sunny!!!! =)

5:17 – Jessica showing you the newest dance and hand gesture fad for summer 2012!

5:23 – 5:26 – Boom boom boom – the girls are picture perfect!

6:37 – ANd……All the girls signing to singing in the rain dance off stage =)

Overall: What a typical SNSD song?, catchy with an easy-to-remember dance move…but the actual dance is hard enough that it will actually be hard to completely copy… I thought they would change the look of the girls more, but I guess you can’t really go drastic when they’ve all tried every hairstyle under the sun… Rating, I don’t understand japanese so I’ll have to look up the translation later, BUT I think I would give this a 8/10…. Even without understanding japanese it was actually not bad to understand! I hope SM starts coming out with more MVs that have stories soon! So far…..all of their mv’s have been “Look at me I’m famous”……and no actual storyline! Why can’t they come out with another one like Zhang li yin’s Timeless??!?!?!?

Anyway, Hope all of you enjoyed the MV as well!

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Electric Shock!

The MV’S out!!!! I have to say Vic-omma can seriously pull off anything, usually I’m not fond of asian blondes, but leader Vic looks AMAZING!  Check out the MV!

First Impression: Did they just give them 2Ne1’s disco stage and scrape together all the leftover clothing from all the other SM closets for this MV?????  Why can’t F(X) ever have NORMAL mvs with storylines?

0:10-0:18 Krystal definitely has the same stylist as her pinnochio-mv days…..it could almost be from the same MV minus the striking (get it? like struck by lightening?…ok I’m trying ok? i’m trying) blue eyes

0:29-0:31 Amber looks awesome with those coloured contacts…BUT did they give her Key’s accessories, and Jonhyun’s outfits?

0:32-0:39 Is this going to be Vic Omma’s next “doon doon” – move?

0:44 – 0:45 VIC OMMA LEGS omg…GODDESSSSSSS – How does she make such a horrible outfit look good?

1:10 – 1:17 Luna – makeup looks quite good on her! I can tell why she has the potential to be an actress especially after her stint in Madame Go Bang Shil (which was actually quite cute…maybe she seemed extra good cuz Kyu joong was kinda….well not as good at acting) I’m suprised they didn’t make her sing higher…. and pull a taeyeon or jessica-esque drawn out high note..

1:18 – 1:22 I can’t comment on that football-ish outfit… I love Vic but omg..that outfit is just horrid….OMG gotta FF ….AAAH she’s wearing it again..ok FF some more…

1:28 – 1:33 – I like the straight hair with bangs sulli, the pig tailed sulli looks a lil butch, which is totally not fair since I’m pretty sure she’s as skinny as a twig…

1:35 – 1:37 Amber my dear why are you wearing two bright yellow fanny packs?…that was SO the 80’s!

2:15 – 2:19, 2:26 – 2:27 – Vic Omma’s posing like a gooddess…..

Did they just take scenes from F(X)’s past MV’s and combine it in to make Electric Shock?…Nothing original at all …I was all excited cuz I thought they’d pull a Ke$ha with the random animal horse heads on their album cover…but NOPE….oh wells better than nothing…

Overall…….. I’d have to rate this song….. 6/10  I’m really trying to like it.. You can tell it’s definitely an F(X) song…since I’ll probably be humming “electric shock…nanananana electric shock….” for the rest of the week… but it doesn’t really help that it doesn’t really showcase any real singing that i KNOW the girls can do… Also….the outfits are just beyond hideous I can’t really bring myself to watch this live since I’ll probably end up overloading on the rainbow of colours.

Either that, or my eyes will probably fall out from trying to figure out what kind of electric appliance accessory the stylists put together as part of the poor fx girl’s stage outfit…SM doesn’t do subtle very well.. I wouldn’t be suprised if Sulli actually has to carry that defibrillator she has in the MV on stage with her…I wonder if the Korean Music board or whatever they are called will ban this..I’m sure I saw a taser in the mv….don’t wanna be giving the lil young korean children any ideas now…… ;)

Hopefully I’ll end up liking the song they pick for their follow up promotions…They did have some promosing couple of seconds in their album medley:

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Ex-Suju Hankyung + Jane Zhang!

It’s been a while eh everone? So here’s my first post in a while, and it’s not even pop =( Sorry! BUT I just saw this MV for Ai You Foundation nd was lamenting the fact that I missed my suju boys and my blog buddies so here goes! Hankyung and Jane with their following MV:

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So I know this place is pretty much dead (I still like reading through old comments and posts though cause lol we’re all crazy yo) BUT I HAVE TO SHARE. Right now I am vacationing in Prague and I was buying my “Prague Drinking Team” shirt when suddenly Mr. Simple starts blaring through the store. Like, really blaring!!! I almost knocked down a few Kafka cups from the display, I was so surprised. It’s like kpop is grabbing me by the lapels and shaking me back and forth and shouting at me, “spazzes, you can’t get away!!!!!!!!” Kpop is really getting everywhere; I am sorry I don’t have more time to stay up to date on it, except for a few groups. :(

But there you have it: SUJU SPREADING THE GHEI IN PRAGUE!! It was awesome. That reminds me; I must now try to find all the places DBSK went when they were here in 06! (But seriously, Prague is gorgeous gorgeous GORGEOUS.)

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